Ingenius Series

The Ingenius Series sets about in posing questions and thoughts about life from the view point of an executive, CEO or leader. It’s purpose is to provoke thought and looks at many leadership issues, questions and realizations that Peter Barr has taken from 20 years of coaching experience.

Life is Hard…for all of us!

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Life is Hard – Rule Number 2, from Mr B and his esteemed Buddhist colleague. When I read this I saw it as nothing new. What I did see and feel (maybe because I was ready to hear and experience it) was a bizarre sense of relief. This may seem almost unfathomable to some, so…

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What Truly Creates Change? – Ingenius Series


Lesson 8 – What truly creates change? When I asked Ben Taj “What works in truly developing change in people” he gave his research and analytical understanding of the answer to this question. As a leader in the area of Positive Psychology at Pennsylvania University, he started by informing us what factors are not necessarily…

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Ingenius Series – Our Authentic Selves- Lesson 5 – Your motivation needs to be positive AND negative

Positive and negative

Lesson 5 – Your motivation needs to be positive AND negative   The world is awash with the concept of motivation, and particularly positive motivation. And it is a powerful concept, one that has earned many, many millions of dollars – through book sales, courses, therapy, coaching and other forms. But it doesn’t really work…

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