Contribution is the new currency


contribution is the new currency


Contribution is the new currency

In our current world of global materialism and ego-based value, it is common we find our potency and power in things like:

  • Our financial wealth
  • The suburb or house be live in
  • The car we drive
  • Where we go on holidays
  • The sport we play
  • Our job title we possess
  • Our busyness – read my recent blog on Busy is the new stupid.
  • The school we went to, or our kids go to.


The list goes on. It is the currency of our success and it is apparently meant to define our place in the world.


I truly believe, with a lot of very “successful” people in my thoroughbred coaching stable, that this era is short lived. It isn’t working. We are not happy, we are not well, we are not connecting, we are not loving and ultimately, we are losing the race of humanity thriving.


It’s time to remove the blinkers and the hobbles and consider what really could define success in this day and age of global inequity, warming and over consumption?


I pose the question, what if we made how we contribution to the world and to others the new currency for the definition of true success.


Imagine going to dinner with friends and rather than re-count your latest holiday, car or job – you share authentically what you are doing to make others or the world a better place. And it inspires them to want to contribute more themselves. No longer do they envy your car, they aspire to your sense of service.


We have this time to make Contribution the New Currency, the new and true value we offer the world. Or we can keep consuming, ignoring and justifying our outdated definition of success in ways that take away from the world, not add back.


How are you contributing to the world? And how does it feel?


How could you contribute more to the world?


What is possible if everyone makes this choice? OMG!!


Our Authentic Selves




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