Peter Barr


Where do you crave more?
Where could you demand better?

When we are Deeply Authentic, what we crave and what we demand goes way beyond what keeps us safe.

It demands we are brave.

Find out how deeply authentic you are, in your work and life.

Do the assessment now.

In work and life…

You crave more – more purpose, more meaning, more passion, more connection, more inner peace, more respect, more certainty, more authenticity, more love, more trust, more truth, more self-control and discipline, more… and

You demand better – better leadership, better teamwork, better relationships, a better culture, better results, better communication, a better you…

At Ingenius we get it!! And we live it. But most importantly we coach those leaders who choose to travel this road and create a life beyond what is expected, what is known, what is safe.

Where could you crave more and demand better in your leadership and life?

Ingenius Business Coaching

We support those who choose to travel the road
of authenticity and courage – in leadership and life.

Here's how:


All of our Executive Coaching and Life leadership coaching programs have been passionately created, tested and refined over 19 years, 20,000 hours of real executive coaching, with over 800 leaders and businesses just like yours.

“The best investment I have ever made for myself as a CEO and a person”.
Global CEO - Resources Sector


With key messages created to resonate with today’s leadership and organisational challenges, these short and powerful keynotes and workshops (1 to 4 hours) have the potential to inspire, re-energise and re- focus you and your people.

“Occasionally you see a speaker that inspires you to do something. This was one of those rare occasions.”
Human Resources Manager, Mining Sector


The nuances of listening to and understanding the needs of an organisation as it experiences change and growth, goes to the core purpose of exceptional facilitation.

“The depth of knowledge and experience of Peter’s facilitation skills are outstanding”.
Managing Director – Services Sector

Training and Development

Bringing the best of Executive Coaching Technology, Positive Psychology, Neuro Science and Neuro Linguistics – all Ingenius Training programs are designed to be practical, relevant and effective.

“The unanimous feedback from the team was amazing. They really valued your training and the utility that it will bring to their practice.”
Director, Disability Sector


The foundation of a great life includes simple positive habits and gratitudes. Our App Simple Habits Every Day Plus – SHEDs Plus, supports you in this journey

"I've tried a few of these sorts of apps, but SHEDs Plus is the first one I actually use and keep using. Definitely recommended”.
5 star rating CKA Trading


“Born Genius – Your Journey Back to the Source of True Success” is just that. Peter has distilled the truth that all of us, at our core are a Genius. Find yours and begin the most incredible journey, back to your true success.

“The most complete guide to living a truly magnificent and authentic life I have ever read”.
Dr Damian Goldvarg, MCC, ICF Global President 2014-5.

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