It is assumed when we take on a leadership role that…

When we create or step into a Business as the owner/operator…

We work for a long time. From the age of 18 into our 60’s and 70’s…

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At Ingenius Coaching, we coach and develop for leadership success – in your role as an executive in larger organisations, in small to medium business as an owner/leader and in career and life direction.

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When you choose to live bravely and authentically, you become the leader of your life and your work. Are you ready to live your best self and best life?


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Born Genius – Your Journey Back to the Source of True Success” is just that. Peter has distilled the truth that all of us, at our core is a Genius. Find yours and begin the most incredible journey, back to your true success. Note – the Born Genius book is currently being updated with 10 more years of experience.

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FAQ's about Coaching

Yes, is the short answer. The evidence is overwhelming. Importantly it is built on the client and the coach growing and evolving a strong, confidential and trusting relationship. At Ingenius we have over 20 years, 20,000 hours and 1,000 clients and testimonials validating the success of the work.
Be aware when you choose a coach that, for success, it requires many things. Nothing is guaranteed unless you, as the client, have the highest intention to make it work. For what to look for in a coach to maximise the opportunity for success see the next question.

Everyone needs support, direction, encouragement, accountability and some hard love at times. With this as a truth, we believe everyone needs a coach sometimes. We find that the majority of clients are:
• Brave and ready to make positive change
• Realise they need others to be great
• Understand the objectivity of a third party
• It is discerning when to use a coach and for what.

When selecting a coach, these are the 5 “not negotiables”. 

  1. The coach must be qualified – what study in the coaching or related areas do they hold.
  2. The coach must be credentialled – this ensures you are getting the ethical principles, and competencies of the peak coaching organisation in the world – the International Coaching Federation.
  3. The coach must be experienced – ask the coach how long and how many hours they have coached. Also ask for client testimonies.
  4. The coach must “feel” right – do you sense you can trust them and do they listen to and get who you are and the issues you are facing.
  5. Lastly, make sure you choose a coach you know will challenge you to be the best you. It is easy to find someone you like. Instead, finds someone you respect and trust with all of you. 

All Ingenius coaches are extremely qualified, credentialled and experienced. It is the minimum. The rest is up to you to decide.

This is a big question with diverse answers. If there were a top ten (from our experience), knowing everyone is unique and there are many versions to each one, they would be:
1. How to be a leader/manager. There is no hand book and leaders tend to fall back to their experience as managers and technicians. When a leader realises leading is not these things and owns their unique leadership style, the journey begins.
2. How to deal with change and uncertainty. The world is always evolving and in work and life, change and uncertainty can become acute at time.

It does happen. Any coach that tells you otherwise, well, maybe they are hiding something or not taking enough risks with their clients. And there is no failure, only feedback.
Here are the top 2 reasons coaching falls short;

  1. The coach has not made it clear what coaching is – and is not. The client therefore can set up expectations that the coach is going to do all the work and provide all the answers. Coaching is a client centred relationship where the coach’s role is to support the client to extract all the answers they have in their own being and thus enhance the potential of long-term success.
  2. The coach does not take enough time at the beginning of the assignment to set clear and agreed outcomes with the client. Like any strategic process, investing time up front to create criteria for success are the cornerstone of a good coaching engagement. As is progressive review along the course of the relationship. 

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Facilitation is the process of bringing a team of people on a journey to support them finding the most effective and desirable outcome.


Ingenius speaking is all about inspiring each and every participant to reach for, achieve and sustain outstanding results beyond what they thought possible.

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The SHEDs Plus App – short for Simple Habits Every Day – is the coaching tool you take with you every day to support and encourage you to be conscious of the little things that make a big difference.


Born Genius is the first book by Peter Barr. Its core tenant is that everyone is born the untapped potential of their own unique genius.

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Become a successful and inspiring leader


discover and own who you are at your highest level possible

Increase your ability to achieve outstanding outcomes


Step bravely into places you have only dreamed about – and thrive


Re-balance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life to bring peace and joy


Create or re-ignite meaningful and fulfilling relationships in work and life

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Clients say about Ingenius Coaching

“I cannot speak highly enough of Peter and his incredibly effective executive coaching. His professionalism, courage to challenge and insightfulness provide an exceptional way to continually ensure you are getting the very best of yourself and your life.”
Scott Menzies
Director - Global Publishing
Being self-employed I was ‘stuck’ and not knowing where to go next and Peter showed me the way with a well laid path to follow. It is the path many of us fear venturing down but it’s well worth the effort and the investment.
Rob Deane
Owner - Property Development
Peter is an incredibly gifted professional coach and mentor. For me, Peter helped unearth and confront deep personal insights and crystallise my personal journey for success while ensuring I remained true to myself.
Bradley Heath
CEO - Insurance