Peter delivers universal and powerful messages

Peter is a speaker with universal and powerful messages to share. He is engaging, direct and edgy, ensuring an entertaining, educational and highly inspirational experience for his audience.

He passionately believes, having spoken to audiences around the world, that we are all incredibly capable of so much. His yearning is to tap into every soul’s genius (yes, everyone is one) and support them to live true to this infinite possibility.

If you are after a speaker who isn’t afraid to say it as it is, to challenge the core of what makes you tick, to give your business or team the inspiration they need to be their absolute best, enquire now.

Topics for keynote and short programs
  • Leading U.G.L.Y. –Tapping into the identity and the yearning that makes leaders authentic and successful in the 21st Century.
  • Deep Shift Platform (DSP) – When we desire the truth about why we are not achieving success in work or life spaces, the DSP lifts the vail and exposes the truth in a quick, safe and ultimately sustainable way. This is for everyone who is ready to leap from the safety of life to the potential of life’s brave edges.
  • Discover and Live your Genius – Where it all began for Ingenius. This is the journey we all need to go on – back to our best self, our genius. The place where anything is possible. Who am I? Who are we?
  • Leaders! Crave More – Demand Better – The power of knowing at your core, what you crave most and how to ask – no demand it – in your life and work.
  • The Leaders Brain Explained – When we understand how our brain really affects ourselves and others, we are in control – rather than the other way around.
  • Sea of Uncertainty (SoUL) Leadership – The only map you need as a leader to navigate you through the tough times – and beyond.
  • How Forked Are YOU? – A refreshing and brutally real way of understanding the Tree of Life we have personally grown and how it does and does not support the life we crave.
  • Stop S#%@@ing in Our Pond – A fun and engaging look into business culture and how to clean it up.
  • Empowering Stress for Wellness – Channelling stress in a positive way to achieve success, health and happiness.

What can you expect to get out of my session?

Every Ingenius speaking topic was created and evolved through listening and feeling deeply what people want and need to be better in the parts of their lives that truly matter. You can expect to:

  • Be inspired and committed to real change.
  • Feel safe, yet crave to be brave as you immerse in the experience.
  • Take away tools and resources that can make a difference in the places you most need them.
  • Be heard and seen as you realise you are not alone.
  • Have some fun, reflect, feel and learn.
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FAQ's about Speaking Services

Ingenius has spoken in Australia, China, SE Asia, Europe, USA and Africa. The borders do not change the universal messages we speak. From global resources entities to NFP’s and SME’s, all leaders and teams have benefitted from the powerful messages Ingenius delivers. So, no matter the industry, the geographical location or the size of your entity, we can work with audiences from 5 to 5,000.

Speaking engagements can be from impactful 45-minute keynotes to full days. It is dependent upon the needs of the client and the level of learning required to achieve the result. We work closely to tailor the program that works for you.

What our

Clients say about Peter's Speaking

"Peter, thank you for providing an engaging and insightful workshop. From your session we have gained a comprehensive, practical set of skills to assist in enhancing our leadership capability and bringing our very best selves to every moment of our lives."
Candice Sheldon
HR GM Queensland Ballet
“In less than 1-hour Peter was able to clearly convey how to be the best versions of ourselves. Several attendees referenced the Leading UGLY session' in their presentations - a compelling testament to the power and effectiveness of Peter's message”.
Jane Ball
Global Communications Director, Resources Entity
“This was the most Outstanding Leadership workshop I have attended?”.
Barry Henderson
CEO Global Resources Company, Denver Colorado
"Best session this conference"
"Wonderful presentation. Best yet at the conference"
"A highlight of my conference experience"
"Most dynamic speaker of the conference"
"This was a transformative session"
International Coach Federation Conferences - Montreal, Prague, Las Vegas