Ingenius Series – Our Authentic Selves – Lesson 9 – The 8 Steps to Changing your Mind

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Lesson 9 – The 8 Steps to Changing your Mind


Your mind is like a computer, continually being programmed and re-programmed. It has almost an infinite capacity to store new data, new behaviours, new pictures, new emotions. It is truly an incredible vessel. And we should be in awe of what each of us is capable of through the wise use of this sponge, this hard-drive, this infinite source of connection.

But, and there is always a but, once something is programmed into the mind, it is very hard, I would be as bold as to say, almost impossible, to remove the connections that the brain has made (unless of course you have some form of brain surgery or an area of the brain is damaged for whatever reason).

What I have learnt in my work is to accept what is possible and let go of what is not. What I believe is possible is to add choice to the brain and its hard-wired, even habitual programs. What I let go of is that you can completely remove any old programs or connections completely.

So, here are the simple steps to begin to add choice to your brains programs:

  1. Acknowledge that you are not happy with a certain part of your life and the results you are achieving (or not achieving) in this area.
  2. Decide, even if you have no idea what to do, that something needs to change. If we waited until we knew exactly what the issue was, completely understood it rationally, then decided to change, we wouldn’t do anything.
  3. Choose to take responsibility for the situation, no matter how easy it would be to blame someone else.
  4. Realise that, there is something you are getting from the outcome that you like or serves you. Most likely it will be safety, control or acceptance. These things will only give you about 50% of your potential.
  5. Resolve to want something better. For example, better relationships, better career, better health or better self-respect.
  6. Define what it is you really want (even if you need someone to help you), because we will only ever change (our thoughts and behaviours and outcomes) when the gain is worth it (or the pain is too great).
  7. Add a choice to your current thoughts and behaviours that, over time and with enough practice will become as powerful as the old way of doing it.
  8. Stick at it until the new mindset is an entrenched habit.

So, give it a go, and in my next musing, we will work through a real life example to show you the power of adding choice to your minds programs. Now, go out and play.

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