Big Arse Brave Ask – aka BABA

brave ask ingenius coachingWe all have those BIG things we want in life, yet need to ask another for support, permission or something, to facilitate it happening or coming into being.


Yet we do nothing about it (whatever “it” is for you) Why?


Simple really, it’s easier not to. And it’s harder to

  • face the fear of rejection and the unknown
  • put in the work required to make it real
  • face the risk of failure
  • let go of the safe (although uncomfortable)
  • look bad or be judged, and


….. what is yours?


Try this. List on a piece of paper all the things you desperately crave in life. Then in a column next to it, list why you haven’t gone there yet (from the list above). Then finally next to that list how you feel about NOT doing anything about it. Look at list three, and own, is this how you want to live life?


If the resounding answer is a very loud NO, consider what BABA you need to address, particularly if it is asking yourself permission to be the hero you always craved to be.


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