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Take ownership of your career and life

We work for a long time. From the age of 18 into our 60’s and 70’s. And maybe longer as people live longer. Yet, most of us choose careers early in life, build a life around them, move slowly in to more senior roles, thinking it will be better or make you happier. Not to mention how we bind ourselves to the financial and other traps that we think will create our happiness.

For a lot of us, there is an emptiness that comes from waking every day knowing we are just doing the same thing, buying deeper into the need to seek happiness from the ‘things’ the job creates and justifying it to ourselves and others. Yet, inside there is a voice slowly getting louder, that this is slowly suffocating you. There must be more. But what?

Each Ingenius Life and Career Leadership Coaching program is designed to support you taking ownership and direction in the purposeful career and life you crave.

Here are some of the top challenges we face in our careers:

…and so much more. How would life be if you had more passion, more purpose and more direction.

Our Life and Career Leadership Coaching Programs

Life and Career Mastery

The gold standard 6-month program, covering all areas of your career and life.

Life and Career Mastery Laser

The truncated 6 session Mastery program that lasers into the critical areas of your life or career to go deep quickly for outstanding results.

Life and Career BluPrint

The 8-hour program design to ensure you have a strong life and career plan for the next 12 months, all on one page.

Life and Career Sustain the Success

After completing either the Mastery or BluPrint program, undertake this 12 month program of support to ensure you stay true and accountable to your life and career success.

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What our

Clients say about Ingenius Life and career leadership coaching

“Being self-employed I was ‘stuck’ and not knowing where to go next and Peter showed me the way with a well laid path to follow. It is the path many of us fear venturing down but it’s well worth the effort and the investment”.
Rob Deane
CEO – Property Development
“I have more clarity than ever before and more relaxed and healthier than I have been in ages. You are a wise man who offers truth and trust”.
Troy Leinster
CEO Artspoken
‘I highly recommend Peter to anyone searching for happiness and success in business and their personal life. Peter challenged me, but all the time made even the most difficult moments positive. We also had also a lot of fun along the way.’
Marianne McKenzie
“I would highly recommend working with Pete. He is a true professional and world expert in his field. Most importantly, he has helped me navigate through the rollercoaster ride of life and business in a frank, honest and non-judgemental way. With Pete, you’re never alone.”
Richard Dunks
Senior Executive - Human Resources and Recruitment
“Others comment on the transformation they have seen, and continue to see – at work, but more importantly as a person, and at home. Pete is compassionate, insightful and penetrating. I have found that being honest and true to yourself is the start of a powerful journey.”
Lachlan Burg
Head of Risk –Large Insurance