Executive Leadership Coaching

Thrive and Excel as a Corporate Leader

It is assumed when we take on a leadership role that we will be good or great at it.

Heck, we were chosen as the best for the role, weren’t we? But in organisations, having the title, does not make you a great leader. And what might work in one organisation does not mean it will work in others.

To truly excel as a leader – beyond the title, the power and the salary – requires self-reflection, courage, empathy and a deep desire to want the best for you, your people and the success of the organisation.

Each Ingenius Executive Leadership Coaching program is designed to maximise your ability to thrive and excel in your role.

Here are some of the top challenges faced by executives today:

…and so much more. What do you need to define success in your executive leadership role and team?

Our Executive Leadership Coaching Programs

Executive Mastery

The gold standard 6-month program, covering all areas of your leadership, including beyond, into your broader life.

Executive Mastery Laser

The truncated Mastery program over 6 session that lasers into the critical areas of your leadership to go deep quickly for outstanding results.

Executive BluPrint

The 8-hour program design to ensure you have a strong plan for the next 12 months, all on one page.

Executive Sustain the Success

After completing either the Mastery or BluPrint program, undertake this 12 month program of support to ensure you stay true and accountable to your success.

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What our

Clients say about Ingenius Executive Leadership Coaching

The best investment I have ever made for myself as a CEO and a person.
Barry Henderson
CEO - Global Mining Services Company (USA)
“I am a more capable and authentic leader that has a much clearer sense of what success means to me. Peter is a sincere and committed professional and also a wonderful human being”
Mark Fenton
CFO – Large NFP
“A complete Game Changer. Through Pete I have a different set of glasses – much better ones. Pete, you have given me an incredible business and life tool kit.”
Maria Hendriks
Head of Marketing – Large Publishing Executive
“Working with Peter has been transformative for me. Peter’s approach is full of compassion, empathy and deep experience. I wouldn’t be at the place I’m in today if Peter hadn’t been part of this journey.”
Chris Dunks
CEO - Mining, Resources and innovation
“Peter is an incredibly gifted professional coach and mentor. For me, Peter helped unearth and confront deep personal insights and crystallise my personal journey for success while ensuring I remained true to myself.”
Ryan Houston
Senior Manager – Large Insurance