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Simple Habits Every Day – SHEDs – has one singular purpose –
“to re-ignite your confidence and self-belief, creating a solid foundation for the fulfillment of anything you desire in life”.

SHEDs is the most interactive, friendly and complete App available today that truly supports you on beginning this journey.

Set simple and positive habits with reminders and rewards, that keep you on track, focused and committed to making the changes you have long desired. Then reflect on all you are grateful for on that day. Then watch as you take Mastery over your life.

Based on world’s best research, over 10,000 hours of practice as a Master Coach and more than 2 years of development, SHEDs is your companion to begin the journey of true success.

What our

Clients say about the APP

Simple and effective For this sort of concept to work, for me, it must be quick to use, give me the reminders I need, and be visual enough to engage me. SHEDs is a great concept that does all of this, and though I've tried a few of these sorts of apps this is the first one I actually use, and keep using. Definitely recommended.
- iTunes review
Great tool to keep you accountable I've been using the SHEDs Plus app for over 6 months and I find it's a great tool to keep you disciplined and accountable for your own successful habits. I'd highly recommend purchasing - it's great value for money.
- iTunes review