Business Leadership Coaching

Successful Businesses require great Leadership

When we create or step into a Business as the owner/operator, it is very exciting. We have passion and purpose, loving what we do and why we do it. There is a sense of controlling our destiny. This is what we hope lasts, yet business, by its nature has ups and downs and over time we can lose our direction and focus. Let alone having to be everything in the business to create energy and momentum. It gets hard. And it’s exhausting at times.

To run successful, profitable, long-term businesses we need resiliance, focus, a great team and a willingness to be flexible and change as time goes on.

Each Ingenius Business Leadership Coaching program is designed to maximise your ability to thrive and excel in your business.

Here are some of the top challenges faced by business owners and operators today:

…and so much more. What do you need to define success in your business leadership role and team?

Our Business Leadership Coaching Programs

Business Mastery

The gold standard 6-month program, covering all areas of your leadership in business to ensure you address your greatest challenges and opportunities.

Business Mastery Laser

The truncated 6 session Mastery program that lasers into the critical areas of your business requiring acute attention.

Business BluPrint

The 8-hour program design to ensure you have a strong 12-month plan for your role as a business leader. All on one page.

Business Sustain the Success

After completing either the Mastery or BluPrint program, undertake this 12-month program of support to ensure you stay true and accountable to your business success.

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What our

Clients say about Ingenius Business Leadership Coaching

“Peter was the catalyst for my change and has guided our business to go from strength to strength and my personal contentment and happiness to soar. I cannot express enough gratitude for his exceptional guidance.”
Sally Boer
Director – E2 Design Lab
“I was looking at partnership in my company and Peter was there to coach me to this role. I am now a full partner, a director on the board and most importantly I believe in my capacity to do anything.”
Sharon Pullen
Director – Moore Stephens Qld (formerly DKM Accountants)
“Pete has not only become a trusted confidant but a friend who holds me accountable for being the best I can be. He is one of the main reasons why I am successful today.”
Tim Miles
General Manager – Investment
“Peter has been instrumental in developing our relaunch business strategy. We look forward to his motivational guidance in continuing the growth of the group in the years to come. One of the best investments we’ve made”.
Duncan Austin
Managing Director – Medium Property Development
“Peter’s candour, together with his caring ways has helped me to understand a lot about myself and others, enabling me to deal with a number of professional and personal challenges. It has given me a more positive approach to dealing with many aspects of my life.”
Lynn Carr
CFO – Medium Manufacturing and Distribution