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Great coaching starts with great training

Ingenius training and development grows leaders and coaches to be great! We develop leaders within any organisation to have the skills to serve their people in a more effective and in-depth way.

We also develop coaches from an early stage who seek training that incorporates all that is great about coaching through to seasoned professional coaches who seek that next level of advancement.

At the core of what Ingenius stand for is the desire to serve and develop others to be the best they can be. All training programs start with this core premise. From here anything is possible.

Book - Born Genius By Peter Barr
What our

Clients say about Ingenius Training & Development

Peter ran a fantastic two day off site leadership conference for our Team Managers here at CGU. All those who attended found the conference one of the best and most productive that they had attended”.
Scott McFarlane
Claims Manager CGU Insurance
“Occasionally you go to a seminar or workshop that it inspires you to do something. This was one of those rare occasions”
Peter Gerdes
Human Resources Manager
“Peter was quickly able to build rapport and a sense of trust with all participants. Peter's use of both theory and practical examples was a great way to impart knowledge. All participants thoroughly enjoyed his presentation style and came away with a real sense of fulfilment.”.
Ian Garbutt
Managing Director Austbrokers Comsure
Peter’s authentic connection to his working space and audience allows him to take people on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. His deep desire to help unlock people’s genius derives from his understanding of human cognitive behaviour and emotional responses to their environment. Peter is ingenious and a person you can trust to transform people’s lives.
Madonna Potter
Head of Student Care – Mount St Michaels College
Being one of Peter's students for his 5 day “Awakening the Genius' course in China, I was totally impressed by his unique genius as a trainer and a master coach. The journey he took us along in the class definitely impacted everyone and not to our surprise we all find our true genius within. Peter is sure THE best genius discoverer I have ever met.
Willie Zhang
Evolutionary Leadership Coach – Shanghai, China