DAS for Life

The Deep Authenticity Scale (DAS) – For life

It is sometimes difficult to know when we are being deeply authentic, particularly with ourselves.

We make choices based on acceptance from others, our fears (rejection, betrayal, not being enough etc.) and even our concern about being exposed as an imposter.

How do we know when we are being authentic, or have we lost touch with ourselves? It might be reflected in your health, your relationships, your work or any area(s) of life where you feel you are not happy, not connected or perhaps deeply frustrated.

The Deep Authenticity Scale is a great place to start your journey of Real Authenticity. It is a confidential survey, designed to help you understand where your level of authenticity is and to give you options on how to become more of the real and authentic you – for you, your career, your relationships and so much more. You deserve it.

When you rate yourself always reflect your truth. No one will know.