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Your journey back to the source of true success.


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Born Genius is the first complete framework and practice for living a great life in our crazy 21st century world. It is simple to follow and it really works, in every realm of your life – professionally, personally and privately.

True life success is not measured in your list of what you have accumulated or what you have done, but in who you have been, first and foremost. Everything else pales.

Do you want to be remembered as the person with the most money and property, or the most character and integrity? And yes, from this place the material stuff will follow, but will not be your ultimate yardstick for success.

Re-connect back to your birthright, the place where anything is possible. In seven very accessible and easy to follow journeys, you will be guided to the place where you are able to live and sustain your best life.

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Clients say about the Book

“ Finally we have a practical handbook for building a platform of sustainable and enduring success within our lives.
Nicole Cody
Iinternationally acclaimed psychic, channel and metaphysical teacher
“ The most complete guide to living a truly magnificent, passionate and authentic life I have ever come across.
Damian Goldvarg PhD
Master Certified Coach (ICF), Principal of the Goldvarg Consulting Group (USA)
“ I have searched for many years for a tool this powerful yet simple, and nothing comes close to Born Genius!
Josephine Thomson
Master Certified Coach (ICF), Results Coach of the Year 2002–2004
“ Born Genius is the missing link in self-help books today. It’s Anthony Robbins meets Eckhart Tolle.
Ross Clennett
online training entrepreneur, executive coach
“ Peter has successfully translated his remarkable gifts into a model that works. Here is the book. Read it and live.
Steven Ogden, PhD
Anglican priest, author of Love Upside Down
“ I am awestruck at the way this book distils the essence of our born genius, but even more importantly, how succinctly it delivers a clear roadmap to a meaningful life.
Laurie Ward
Managing Director of ClickConnect
“ Born Genius gently challenges the reader to reflect on his or her current reality and encourages each one of us towards manifesting our best selves.
Sabreena Andriesz
Executive coach, psychotherapist, Mahayana Buddhist practitioner (Singapore)
“ Pete, I love your book. Succinct; practical; inspiring; and beautifully crafted. Thank you.
Tony Ryan
Innovator, Educator, Futurist, Author of “The Next Generation”.