What incredible energy sits around this topic, as is evidenced by the passionate and aligned (98% of them anyway) responses on all social media platforms from my previous article – Busy is the new stupid

I wanted to take the opportunity to capture some of the nuggets of gold so many people have contributed, that truly reinforce the ground swell behind this epidemic. Thank you to those who took the time to reflect and pen these potent words. You know who you are.

“People who boast about how hard they work are engaged in #struggleporn”. 

“I pity those who are chronically busy. It’s only a ridiculous status”.

“Being busy does not mean doing business”.

“Busy is just bad life management”

“When someone says they are too busy for me, what they really mean is my needs are not their priority”.

“It’s like a badge of honour in some places I have worked.”

“Busy dumb, seems to create more impact than selectively smart…Go figure??”

“Laziness is the mother of invention”

“Don’t let the urgent get in the way of the important.”

“Do less, do it well. Cut out the extraneous. Take time for self and health. All of which takes courage in this cult of busy culture.”

“Busy can be used as an excuse to be rude, dismissive and pretending to know how to do their job.”

“Don’t run people crazy, just because you [the leader], don’t have a life out of work. Go read a book.”

“They are investing in being busy often because the workplace is a bit broken or because there are too many people and not enough work.”

“The genuinely busy people with there is not much time available, but they will find some space for you, even if it is a week away.”

“Too many are busy telling they’re busy”. 

“It is actually unattractive.”

“Somewhere since the industrial revolution, we have confused being productive, with being busy.”

“Someone needs to make a poster [Busy is the New Stupid], and hang it in the office.”

“The wealthy work for more time, not money.”

“Being busy suggests a self perpetuated deficiency of introspection and self organisation”

“A busy person always has time, but the lazy person does not”

“Once upon a time it expressed dedication and commitment, now it’s more like a disease…. That can lead to serious psychological problems.”

“Genius, opportunity, innovation, creativity and engagement do not come in the BUSY”.

“You can never really be too busy for unexpected challenges or opportunities.”

“Prioritisation is as much about knowing what to do, as what to stop.”

These comments are revolutionary in the fact that this is not new but it is relevant NOW. Echoing throughout time are great historians, inventors, thinkers of our time who state this same concept. So what is it that time has not taught us? The evolutionary path has been kind to us, but these stark lessons that are right in front of us are overlooked – our ego and fear combined making a winning combination.


I find it interesting that some people found the article ‘offensive’(2%). Obviously it wasn’t my intention. I would always ask each of us to look at the meaning we put to words and what emotions they trigger in us. It is interesting that most negative responses seemed to be defensive AND attacking. That is so interesting and curious too. We resist when we feel threatens, and hide behind our potent masks – righteousness, arrogance, intellect etc. and it is so easy on SM. Empathy helps me ask the question, “I wonder what is really going on behind these comments?”. 

I did suggest a new term, based on one comment. And from a Sir David Attenborough interview I saw recently. He was asked if he ever feels bad about flying and the impact on the planet. He mentioned a term called Flight Shaming, where people are made to feel bad about taking planes without looking at the less impactful alternatives. 

The term is Busy Shaming. A harsh word that could imply judgement. Maybe it could simply be Busy Compassion. It is where we bring to our own attention, and others their automatic response of Busy and open a loving and brave conversation about it. Maybe when someone says they are busy, you could respond with:

  • Does your busy have any space for a chat right now, and if not, when?
  • How can we fit this into your busy?
  • Thanks you, and what do you need to be less busy?
  • Help me understand what we could do to help you through this?
  • How is busy serving you right now?
  • What are you not achieving/experiencing/prioritising because you are busy?

I hope, beyond all other, that from this simple seed of Busy Awareness, we can truly connect back to that which matters most – love for ourselves and others. It is the medicine for our healing.

Thank you 




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What incredible energy sits around this topic, as is evidenced by the passionate and aligned (98% of them anyway) responses on all social media platforms

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