Sex, Love, work, money – Have I got your attention!!

Over the last few weeks I have been reorganising my library and reminiscing of the wonderful texts that have influenced me over the years. The two books that have blown my mind and spoke loudly to me are a couple of old classics.

Firstly, Manhood by Steve Biddulph; this was first published in the 90’s but Steve, in his wisdom has updated it for this crazy and ever changing techno time we live in. This is a fundamental book for all men and frankly, women who wish to understand their fathers, sons, partners or other significant other males.

It includes timely and relevant advice on:

  • The Rules for life
  • Parenting Teenagers
  • Sex/Love
  • Fathers/Sons
  • Relationships generally
  • Our work/our worth

And secondly, M Scott Pecks, The Road Less Travelled. Yes, I know it’s 25 years old and does contain some outdated concepts, but at the core are some of the richest and most in-your-face truths of humanity and its everyday lived experiences.

These include:

  • Letting go
  • Discipline
  • Love
  • Sex (whoops – sex again, are these male authors obsessed?)
  • Addiction

….just to mention a few areas (the ones that I continually deal with in my practice – and my own life).

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Let me say that books like this speak to what we need to hear. So, in saying this, the musings following this are firstly about what I need – they spoke to me. And hopefully secondly about you – particularly with some of the constant issues I come across in coaching (and life).

So, if these topics ring any bells for you, I look forward to sharing them, particularly how they relate to the real world you live in and struggle with. I would love your comments and thoughts – help me, help you, help others. It is our responsibility as human beings to share the wisdom of others for the benefit of all.

Stay True,




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