You are not that important, but maybe you are!

“You are not that important, but maybe you are!”

WOW – what a revelation.

We spend a lot of our time reinforcing our status, our value and our importance in the world when really, maybe it’s time to get real and get over ourselves.

Steve Biddulph in his book The New Manhood (2011), in quoting Buddhist Teacher Jim Rohn’s 5 life lessons for Men (read wo-man), lists “You are not that important” as the Number 3 lesson for life. If you are wondering what number 1 is, it needs no explanation or dialogue really – just a genuinely direct reminder –  “You are going to die”.

Did you forget that one? It is amazing how sometimes we live the arrogant life of potential immortality.

I will spend a little more time in the next part of this series of musings looking closely at the other lessons and their relevance to my passion and specialty of Born and Unique Genius.

It might seem paradoxical that if I am espousing that everyone is a genius yet in the same breath saying you are not that important. How do the two relate? Simple. All the great genius’s I have ever researched and hold dear; from the ancients to the modern and to the current (including my dear clients) all have an incredible vision for something bigger than themselves – whether it be humanity, the cosmos, science, medicine, the arts, their families and friends. It is not about them. It is purposeful and is in service of something bigger. To use some unconventional language, they are merely “conduits” or “channels” for something that cannot come from the thinking, knowledge or wisdom of one person, no matter how bright – how humbling. It is from tapping into their Unique Genius and the portal to the infinite source of wisdom and knowledge that their greatness is possible.

To further appreciate this I am going to mention the 3 levels of energetic involvement we partake in being human. They are discussed in my book, Born Genius – Your Journey Back to the Source of True Success.

These are simply:

  1. The Ego – which is merely our physical body and brain that is used as either the vehicle and computer for our unique genius expression or as the grandiose and vulgar expression of individual superiority over others (who hasn’t at some stage perceived themselves to be “better than” others – Christ, Buddha and a rare few others only).
  2. The Material – all that are our trappings of success – the car, the house, the job, the extravagant holidays, the expensive wines, the trophy partner, the over zealous focus on self greatness and “I have’s”. This is particularly so of the ones that we see as defining our happiness and our worth. “I am happy because I have the BMW, the career role, the money, the hot partner. Bla Bla Bla. Get over yourself!!
  3. The Spirit – this is the infinite source of all that exists – every thought, every idea, every atom, energy – everything. It is as Dr. David R. Hawkins states in his book Power –v- Force (this book is in my top 5 books of all time – awesome), “readily available to anyone in a few seconds, at any time and in any place”.

But more importantly, the Born Genius philosophy ascribes to the belief that living aligned to your Born and Unique Genius opens the portal to the infinite source, from where all is possible. A place where your material success and your ego being are purposefully expressed and where ultimately true happiness is possible – defined not by what you have but by who you are being on the planet in service of something bigger than your job title or bank balance.

In acknowledging this we realise with humility, that individually we are not that important, yet we are capable of greatness. Truly humbling, I would hope!

So is it time for you to realise that maybe you are not that important?

What do you currently hold tightly to that makes you feel important? Is it working in giving you happiness and real meaning in your life? If not, what can you do to change it? Be real and be kind to yourself when pondering these questions.



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