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Big Arse Brave Ask – aka BABA

brave ask ingenius coaching

Big Arse Brave Ask – aka BABA We all have those BIG  things we want in life, yet need to ask another for support, permission or something, to facilitate it happening or coming into being. We need to be brave! Yet we do nothing about it (whatever “it” is for you) Why? Simple really, it’s…

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Risk management

The Risk You Don’t Take, Is The Memory You Don’t Create (4)

Risk management The Risks we never take, are the memories we don’t create. Or the risks we take ARE the memories we create. (Which version works for you?) Ever have one (or more) of those moments when you deeply wish you had just taken that deep breath and literally or metaphorically jumped off the cliff…

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Busy is the New Stupid

warren buffet quote

    This quote from Bill Gates and Warren Buffet is so powerful: “It should not be a sign of success that you have no space in your diary, yet it seems that is how we define ourselves in the business world.” Additional Note: This post went crazy on LinkedIn – if you would like…

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The Half Double Challenge

Half Double

The Half Double Challenge Heard this type of challenge before? “If only I could stop drinking”. “No more snacking”, “I am going to start at the gym this week”, “I wish I wasn’t angry all the time”, “I would so love to ride my bike to work”, “I wish I could spend more time with…

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Why Me!! A Lesson in Courage


Why Me!! … Why not me? As I lay in bed 2 nights ago, unable to go into the deeper sleep we all crave and need, these words came into my conscience. One a statement, one a question? At the essence of the two, there is something very powerful, something that requires courage. In the…

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Dancing in the Dark – On Purpose

Fire Burnlandscape

Are you Dancing in the Dark – on Purpose? At my ripe young age of 54, the name Bruce Springsteen conjures many wonderful memories. A true trail blazer and warrior of the modern-day music scene. I recently read his biography. Please have a look. So inspirational. A man living true to his purpose and (in…

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Demand Better

Deep Authenticity Scale

“If you’re sick of bad things happening to you, stop putting up with it and demand better.” Sandra Oh – Grey’s Anatomy.   Demand Better Recently we looked at the first part of the new Ingenius Coaching tag line – Crave More. To ensure we have a good segway here, I would summarise craving more…

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Coaching from the Edge (of the chair)

Ingenius Coaching

Coaching from the Edge ( of the Chair ) With almost 2 decades under the belt in this wonderful and crazy world called coaching (my first session was in 1999), Ingenius, my baby – in its late teens, has reflected on the big questions and what matters and what works when the coaching session “is…

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