Risk management

The Risks we never take, are the memories we don’t create. Or the risks we take ARE the memories we create. (Which version works for you?)

Ever have one (or more) of those moments when you deeply wish you had just taken that deep breath and literally or metaphorically jumped off the cliff into the unknown. Risk management are the things we do to protect ourselves, undoing them is hard. Perhaps some of the things you have protected are:

It might have been:

  1. Asking someone out you really like.
  2. Standing up to a boss.
  3. Saying yes to that purposeful but low paying job.
  4. Going on that holiday that was a little challenging, but instead going to that beach holiday that is so familiar.
  5. Changing your career all together.
  6. Buying that crazy hat or jacket, even that care.
  7. Trying that elicit substance – did I say that.
  8. Leaving that relationship that is safe – partner, friend or other.
  9. Coming out to your friends.
  10. Risking that money on that new house or buying shares.
  11. Running that marathon.
  12. Joining that group, or
  13. You know that thing that only you know.

Whatever it was, as you reflect and justify your choice, I wonder what might be different for you if you had jumped from that cliff – big or small?

What stops us. What keeps us safe, justifying or stuck. How do you handle your own risk management?

After nearly 20,000 hours of coaching I wish I could give you the ONE answer you wanted handed to you on a platter. Too easy – but frankly, I don’t have it.

Yet here are some things to consider:

  1. Where in life, have you been given a model of safety (parents, teachers, friends)? How is that working for you?
  2. What was the thing you can remember from your childhood that hurt the most? Being laughed at. Not being selected/included. Not being heard. Being rejected. Getting in trouble for something you never did. Never being good enough in other’s eyes. Always being criticised. Being forgotten. Being abused. The list goes on.
  3. Where have you taken a risk and failed and somewhere in your mind said, never again.
  4. What internal dialogue do you have that keeps repeating itself and re-enforcing your safe and frustrating choices.

Then consider what…

  1. Is your biggest dream/desire?
  2. Would make you happy?
  3. Are you holding onto that is a lead weight of frustration?
  4. Would you have to believe to make the first step to the best you?
  5. Is the first step (a tiny one) you can make to move toward your best life.
  6. What are the necessary things you have put in place to ensure risk management?

There will come a day – and it might not be now – that you are ready to move in the direction of the best you and your best life. Begin today in equipping yourself for the journey. Like preparing your equipment for a big holiday, half the fun can be in the getting ready.

The Risk You Don’t Take, Is The Memory You Don’t Create (4)

Remember, it is a choice. No one is keeping you stuck but you. Do you want that awesome life or, well more of the same?

Memories are waiting to be created. Go get em tiger! Or just sleep, eat repeat…




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