Why Me!! A Lesson in Courage


Why Me!! … Why not me?

As I lay in bed 2 nights ago, unable to go into the deeper sleep we all crave and need, these words came into my conscience. One a statement, one a question? At the essence of the two, there is something very powerful, something that requires courage.

In the “Why Me” statement lies a truth and an emotion we all hold at times. That of the victim – of angst, sadness, disappointment, stuck, even anger and rage. It is the place where we feel hard done by. Where the health, relationship, career, life or other challenges get on top of us. And it feels like we are alone, helpless and stuck. Mine have been in the sadness of lost love, in the challenges of running a business, in the dismay of the behaviour around family and friends. And it hurts badly when we are there.

What are the Why Me’s that keep you feeling anxious, sad, disappointed, stuck, even angry and fuelled by rage?

In the “Why not Me?” question lies the exact opposite.

That of possibility, of dreams craving to be expressed, of a desire beyond all other. The emotions are courage, excitement, anticipation and enthusiasm. In working in an area called Neuro Linguistic Programming, or simply NLP, there is a phrase used that says:

“If it is possible in the world, it is possible for me”

Put simply, it means, if someone else can do it, why can’t I? I never thought I could live a calling I love, travel the world expressing it, write a book, create a great business, be validated by my peers as a Master Coach, let alone be a great Dad. But I have done all this and much more. And as I embark on a new exciting venture globally, I wouldn’t even start if I hadn’t answered the question “Why not me?”.

What is the “Why not Me” you crave but have not yet to fulfil? You know, the one that would require courage, excitement, anticipation and enthusiasm. Then wonder, and even scream from a hill top, Why not me?

If you crave more and feel you deserve better in your world and there is a yearning that somewhere in your being is yelling “Why not me?”, act on it. Do something. You deserve better.




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