Dancing in the Dark – On Purpose

Are you Dancing in the Dark – on Purpose?

Dancing in the Dark - On Purpose

At my ripe young age of 54, the name Bruce Springsteen conjures many wonderful memories. A true trail blazer and warrior of the modern-day music scene. I recently read his biography. Please have a look. So inspirational. A man living true to his purpose and (in my lingo), and his born and unique genius.

But this is not a discussion about Bruce’s genius, it is a focus on a song we all know and more than likely love (assuming you were alive in the 90’s and beyond).

The song Dancing in the Dark could along with Born in the USA, be Bruce’s most well-known poems. And, I would suspect, if you are still reading, that the Dancing in the Dark song would be remembered for the line “You can’t start a fire without a spark. This guns for hire, even if you’re dancing in the dark.”

This post isn’t even about that. It is about a line that struck such a cord with me when I heard it, stopping me in my tracks and having to write it down.

The line is

“You can’t start a fire, worrying about your little world falling apart”.

In the vernacular of my children – OMG!!

I wonder whether Bruce realised he wrote a line that defines the biggest issue I hear in executive coaching today. That is, people wanting something more, something that has purpose, something better – lighting their own fire – but being petrified of their little world’s falling apart.

What is your fire – your deepest craving?

Whether it be about climate change or simply about living true to a purpose and a dream that would define your life – whatever it is that you see as making Planet Earth or Planet You, a place that you could be proud of. Have you lit your spark yet?

I, for one, can only hope that we are courageous enough to go beyond our little world’s, because, if we don’t maybe our whole beautiful world will fall apart.

So here is the punch line. What is the fire you want to light – in your life or for the world – that has not happened, because you are too scared of your little world falling apart?

Now consider, what will happen to you and the world if you stay stuck in the fear of your little world falling apart?

Thanks Bruce for the magic of one line!


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