The Ingenius Suite of Individual Transformational Programs

All programs have been passionately created, tested, measured, revised and evolved over almost 20 years and 15,000 hours of real coaching with real people and organisations just like you – all to ensure the best outcomes possible in whatever areas of work or life you choose to excel in.

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This gold standard program runs over an approximately 6-month period, with coaching sessions held on a fortnightly basis for up to 2 hours at a time, as well as between session contact as needed. Each session is focused on the executive/leader’s mastery of all domains of their life, with a huge focus on real, sustainable and deep alignment and change.

Perfect for the Leader/Executive who is either transitioning to a higher role or wishing to evolve their organisation, business and life to the next level.


The truncated gold standard program is designed to deal with and focus on 1 or 2 critical areas of growth and development. Running over a 6 to 8, 90-minute sessions, the laser beam of coaching will address, challenge and seek exceptional outcomes that align with the best interests of the individual and the organisation.

Perfect for the Leader/Executive who is dealing with 1 or 2 critical areas/issues in his/her role and needs support, guidance or direction.

Executive BluePrint

An intensive and focussed 8-hour introduction to coaching that encompasses all that is powerful about the Mastery Programs but over a shorter period and at a fraction of the investment. It is for the organisations who want the best for their Leaders and Managers in as short a time as possible and with strong commitments and a written one-page plan.

Perfect for the Leader/Executive who is wanting it all – including a clear and structured written plan for work and life but is time poor.

Sustaining the Excellence

This 12-month program is an extension of either the Mastery Programs or the BluePrint Program and is the monthly accountability and integration of the plan created in either of these programs. This Program is best utilised to capitalise on the trust and relationship created between the Coach and the Executive and ensure that as they begin to integrate the plans and behaviours designed in their first stage of coaching, that the potential for success is maximised and sustained, long into the future.

Perfect for the Leader/Executive who has built the plan, aligned all the pieces and is now wanting to be held accountable to it all. Not to mention wanting to hold ongoing conversations with someone they trust and have built a respectful relationship over the course of the initial coaching program.

Premium Acute Coaching

Using all the rigor, structures and experience of 20 years of coaching and the above programs, this one off premium coaching session is designed to create focus, commitment and outcome on one critical issue.

Perfect for the Leader/Executive who is dealing with an acute issue in their workplace and requires one session to seek clarity, tools or resources to see them through.

Life BluePrint Coaching

It is not always work that defines people and with the Life BluePrint program the emphasis goes to where the work needs to be done, whether that be self-awareness, health, wealth/financial, relationships, family, friend and significant others, purposeful living or wherever the places for growth most call. Where is your life out of balance?

Perfect for those who wish to focus on ALL realms of life – not specifically work – to ensure the full awareness, balance and growth of the whole person.

For the full details and pricing of all programs please contact us.

CONTACT US Barry Henderson

The best investment I have ever made for myself as a CEO and a person.

Barry Henderson – CEO – Global Mining Services Company (USA)
Sally Boer Peter was the catalyst for my change and has guided our business to go from strength to strength and my personal contentment and happiness to soar. I cannot express enough gratitude for his exceptional guidance.
Sally Boer – Director – E2 Design Lab
Mark Fenton

I am a more capable and authentic leader that has a much clearer sense of what success means to me. Peter is a sincere and committed professional and also a wonderful human being.

Mark Fenton – CFO – Large NFP

Maria Hendriks A complete Game Changer. Through Pete I have a different set of glasses – much better ones. Pete, you have given me an incredible business and life tool kit.

Maria Hendriks – Head of Marketing – Large Publishing Executive

Chris Dunks

Working with Peter has been transformative for me. Peter’s approach is full of compassion, empathy and deep experience. I wouldn’t be at the place I’m in today if Peter hadn’t been part of this journey.

Chris Dunks – CEO – Mining, Resources and innovation
Nim Sathianathan Peter is an insightful and astute executive coach. I value the deep connection that we have and his ‘no bullshit’ approach to coaching. Peter focuses on the source of underlying beliefs and protective behaviours to create powerful changes in leaders.
Nim Sathianathan – Head of Legal and Procurement – Large Insurance
Lynn Carr

Peter’s candour, together with his caring ways has helped me to understand a lot about myself and others, enabling me to deal with a number of professional and personal challenges. It has given me a more positive approach to dealing with many aspects of my life.

Lynn Carr – CFO – Medium Manufacturing and Distribution

Scott Menzie I cannot speak highly enough of Peter and his incredibly effective executive coaching. His professionalism, courage to challenge and insightfulness provide an exceptional way to continually ensure you are getting the very best of yourself and your life.

Scott Menzies – Director – Global Publishing

Sharon Pullen

I was looking at partnership in my company and Peter was there to coach me to this role. I am now a full partner, a director on the board and most importantly I believe in my capacity to do anything.

Sharon Pullen, Director – Moore Stephens Qld (formerly DKM Accountants)
Richard Dunks I would highly recommend working with Pete. He is a true professional and world expert in his field. Most importantly, he has helped me navigate through the rollercoaster ride of life and business in a frank, honest and non-judgemental way. With Pete, you’re never alone.
Richard Dunks – Senior Executive – Human Resources and Recruitment
Tim Miles

Pete has not only become a trusted confidant but a friend who holds me accountable for being the best I can be. He is one of the main reasons why I am successful today.

Tim Miles – General Manager – Investment

Lachlan Burg Others comment on the transformation they have seen, and continue to see – at work, but more importantly as a person, and at home. Pete is compassionate, insightful and penetrating. I have found that being honest and true to yourself is the start of a powerful journey.

Lachlan Burg – Head of Risk – Large Insurance

For the full details and pricing of all programs please contact us.