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I cannot speak highly enough of Peter and his incredibly effective executive coaching. His professionalism, courage to challenge and insightfulness provide an exceptional way to continually ensure you are getting the very best of yourself and your life.

Scott Menzies - Director - Global Publishing

Energetic & thought provoking, with a balance of framework and heart. WOW – thank you for sharing this vital and important work. Loved the innovative approach, thought provoking and insightful. Fantastic, enjoyable & exciting – a great day Five out of five by all participants. More of Peter please! Excellent session. Best of the conference Best session this conference. Wonderful presentation! Best yet at the conference for me. This workshop has been a highlight of my conference experience. Terrific job! Most dynamic speaker from the conference! And thank you for your authentic vulnerability. This has been the most fabulous session. Thank you. You are a genius. Every conference I am deeply moved by a few sessions. This was one. This was a transformative session.

Conference Delegate Feedback – USA, Canada, Indonesia, Australia

When I came to the facilitation, I was “here we go again”. After 20 years as a HR specialist I didn’t think there could be anything new. But Peter was refreshing, engaging and real. I took so much practical learnings from the 2 days. I can’t wait to apply them.

Jan Kat – HR General Manager – The Winson Group

Ingenius Coaching Workshops

Why Us?

We coach leaders who crave a life beyond what is expected, known and safe.

If you are like a lot of the incredible souls I work with, you are pretty successful in your world. You have worked hard, really hard and the rewards have been there – the status, the dollars, the house, the holidays, the list goes on.

Yet, the further you go, the less fulfilling it becomes and the more exposed you feel. If only they knew. Not to mention, the sacrifices - Family, relationships, health. All for what?

It’s time to crave more and demand better – from yourself, from the work you do in the world, from the people around you and from the relationships you choose. Listen deeply to the part of you that is screaming – there must be more.

“Great pursuits require even greater commitment.”

― Peter Barr