There are No Shortcuts to Success – Ingenius Series

Lesson 3 – There are no Short Cuts to Success

there are no shortcuts to success

If lesson one was about being aware of who you are, then it needs to be appreciated that this next lesson on success is the hardest (but most important) lesson of all. It’s the lesson that help’s you understand that whether people choose to keep setting goals (and never achieve them), or give up on setting them all together – they’ll always keep falling short of success. Easily as justifiable, they decide that they’re OK with their beige, mediocre lives. We only achieve outcomes that are a reflection of our own limitations. If we are setting a level of self-perception that is only 4 out of 10, then the goals we set will only ever reach a 4 out of ten (either in their level of perceived success or the longevity of their achievement).


For example…

People lose weight when they take on a diet, but either they don’t lose all the weight they set out to OR they lose it all and soon afterwards put it all (or more) back on. It doesn’t last. This is because they defined themselves as a fat person and never invested in shifting this self-perception. And even more insidious than this is the deeper self-perception of being unworthy or undeserving. The layers of fat are used to protect us and keep us safe and away from the deep pain of unworthiness or undeserving, as illogical as this first may seem.


So, if you are after long-term change and personal greatness, first consider what lurks in your self-defined identity and be prepared to invest time and energy in the process. There are no short cuts.

What is the one area of your life you have sought a short cut, but may now realise (either through many attempts and failures or from something you have read here), needs to be addressed from how you see yourself? It might be weight, smoking (or other addictions), relationships, career, skin issues or something completely different? How can you achieve the success perspective of yourself?

Share with me below and maybe suggest what has really worked for you and what hasn’t.

Live true until next time.




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