The Ingenius Suite of Group Coaching Programs

Every program is passionately designed, created, tested, measured, revised and evolved over 20 years with real people and organisation just like you – all to ensure the best outcomes possible.

Leading UGLY

The leadership Program that lasers in on the 2 key elements for leadership success in any organisation. For the leadership team that craves going to the next level of effectiveness and success, even whether you are near the bottom of your ladder, or the top. 

Executive/Leadership BluPrint

The Gold Class Goal setting program for the individual and the team to bring balance, focus and commitment to all areas of life – for one and all. For the organisation or team who truly values the whole person and their worlds.

Sea of Uncertainty Leadership (SOUL)

The Soul Journey we all need to go on to make the initiation to true leadership success. For the leadership team who want to understand what is keeping them stuck and how to get re-invigorated and focussed on what matters.

Culture Killers and Thrillers

Your organisations culture is like the water in a fish tank. It can get murky and toxic at times and it can be very hard to clean. In this engaging workshop, you will learn in a very practical way, how to move to a crystal clear tank, with all the fish swimming in the right direction.

Communication Mastery

Using Coaching Communication to achieve exceptional results at all levels of business and life. For the organisation or team that wishes to maximise exceptional communication, from the leadership team all the way down.

The Tailor

The purpose designed, and integrated program created for you, with you, and addressing the issues you face and the solutions you need NOW! With over 20 years and hundreds of resources to call upon, we tailor the program that ensures the most exceptional results for you, your leadership team and your organisation.

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Occasionally you go to a seminar or workshop and it inspires you to do something. This was one of those rare occasions

Peter Gerdis – Human Resources Manager

This was the most Outstanding Leadership workshop I have attended.

Rob Hardman – General Manager – USA Mining Company

In less than 1-hour Peter was able to clearly convey how to be the best versions of ourselves - a compelling testament to the power and effectiveness of Peter's message.

Jane Ball - Global Communications Director, Resources Entity

The most complete guide to living a truly magnificent, passionate and authentic life I have ever come across

Dr Damian Goldvarg PhD, MCC, Ex-President, International Coach Federation