Ingenius Series – Our Authentic Selves – Lesson 2

Lesson 2- Goals don’t work (yet)

Lesson 2 you're not ready for goals

Goals fail, not because they’re not well thought out or that they weren’t created using a tried and true system (SMART for example) – they fail predominantly due to how we see, feel and perceive ourselves. This may be in the mirror, in our minds or in emotions. Do you think Tiger Woods failed in the golfing world because he hadn’t set great goals or is it because his perception of self was no longer as high?


With goals, I like to re-frame and call them dreams at the beginning of coaching. Dreams can be fluffy and outrageous, as long as you create a desire, but not necessarily accountability at this stage. Change happens when we can tap into an emotion.

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Be brave and set just one goal right now – to define and appreciate who you truly are in the world. Invest time, energy and money (if you need to) in this pursuit. It will be your best investment ever – I guarantee it. I will be sharing with you over the next few musings, my humble thoughts on this. It’s time to get real. Or, if you want it all now, go to Born Genius and purchase my book Born Genius – the Journey Back to the Source of True Success.


Ask yourself the question (no matter your self perception) “If I had one dream that would make me truly happy, what would it be?”


What is the one dream that would make you happy? Share with me below and I can fill in some gaps on “how to”.


Live true until next time.


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