Executive BluePrint Coaching Program

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Here's what you had to say...

“Working with Peter has been transformative for me. Peter’s approach is full of compassion, empathy and deep experience. I wouldn’t be at the place I’m in today if Peter hadn’t been part of this journey.”

Chris Dunks – CEO - Mining, Resources and innovation

"Peter’s candour, together with his caring ways has helped me to understand a lot about myself and others, enabling me to deal with a number of professional and personal challenges. It has given me a more positive approach to dealing with many aspects of my life."

Lynn Carr – CFO – Medium Manufacturing and Distribution

“I cannot speak highly enough of Peter and his incredibly effective executive coaching. His professionalism, courage to challenge and insightfulness provide an exceptional way to continually ensure you are getting the very best of yourself and your life.”

Scott Menzies - Director - Global Publishing

Pete has not only become a trusted confidant but a friend who holds me accountable for being the best I can be. He is one of the main reasons why I am successful today.”.

Tim Miles - General Manager – Investment

Pete is compassionate, insightful and penetrating. I have found that being honest and true to yourself is the start of a powerful journey.”

Lachlan Burg – Head of Risk –Large Insurance

Your Annual Plan for Success

The Executive/Leadership Blueprint program is an annual coaching service for those who have are looking to refresh and realign for 2019 /2020. It is the one blue print that encompasses all facets of living and relationships but over a shorter period. It is for the organisations who want the best for their Executive/Leaders in as short a time as possible. It works because it is simple, easy to follow and holds the busy executive accountable to the outcomes they create for themselves. Note though, over such a short program, it is not possible to cover as broadly or deeply areas or issues that may come up.

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Over this 8 to 12 hour intensive coaching program you will:

• Review your last 12 months - its successes, setbacks, and greatest learnings

• Create Guiding Principles from these learnings that act as the barometer for the direction and focus for the coming year and beyond.

• Look at new challenges and the current roles that they play in your life - personally and professionally

• Assess and challenge what motivates and is important to you.

• Consider what is holding you back from your true success.

• Consider new ways of thinking, feeling and acting that move you toward your success.

• Set outcomes that encompass all of your roles and motivations - for the 12 months ahead and just as importantly for the longer term

• Distil this all into a ONE PAGE PLAN

• Set in place a regular process that guarantees their results over the next twelve months and beyond.

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