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Peter Barr

Business Coaching & Facilitation

Each of the Ingenius Business Coaching and Strategic Facilitation are tailored for the needs, issues and outcomes of each and every unique person and organization.

From the short and intense programs designed to achieve powerful results in as little time as possible, to the longer term on-going style of business coaching and mentoring that guarantees deep and lasting results. Each program will be crafted with you and your organization as the most important and critical factors.

"you did not wake up today to be mediocre"

-Peter barr 

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Are you ready to find:

  • Confidence as a leader (in situ or in transition)
  • Authentic connection with those they respect and value
  • Real Happiness in work and personal lives
  • Balance and inner peace
  • Time to reflect and grow
  • Time to be healthy and well
  • Purpose and meaning in the work and the life they choose
  • Legacy in the mark they leave

Commit to the best you, supported by someone who gets it – gets you!


1. Initial meetings between the coach/mentor and the coachee (and your L&D/HR representative and/or direct line manager - if requested) to discuss and agree on higher-level professional and personal outcomes for the coaching program. Subsequently, the coachee will meet one-on-one with their coach/mentor to get specific about all areas they seek development and growth, including setting criteria to measure the success of each.

2. Diagnostic tools and assessments of Positive Psychology to benchmark and periodically assess progress and success.

3. A written commitment agreement to ensure a strong understanding and accountability is maintained between the Coach/Mentor and the Coachee. Of particular note is the strict confidential nature of the relationship.

4. A midway review between the Coachee, the Coach, the L&D/HR Department and line Manager, to assess progress on organisational outcomes.

5. A de-brief at the end of the assignment between the Coach/Mentor and the Coachee (and the L&D/HR and/or direct line manager – if required).

Business Coaching
Business Coaching

Here are what previous clients have said...

I would highly recommend working with Pete. He is a true professional and world expert in his field. Most importantly, he has helped me navigate through the rollercoaster ride of life and business in a frank, honest and non-judgemental way. With Pete, you’re never alone.

Richard Dunks – Senior Executive - Human Resources and Recruitment

Others comment on the transformation they have seen, and continue to see – at work, but more importantly as a person, and at home. Pete is compassionate, insightful and penetrating. I have found that being honest and true to yourself is the start of a powerful journey.

Lachlan Burg – Head of Risk – Large Insurance


Peter is an insightful and astute executive coach. I value the deep connection that we have and his ‘no bullshit’ approach to coaching. Peter focuses on the source of underlying beliefs and protective behaviours to create powerful changes in leaders.

Nim Sathianathan – Head of Legal and Procurement – Large Insurance


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