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Barry Henderson – CEO - Global Mining Services Company (USA)


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Executive Top-Up Program

You’ve worked with Ingenius before and are looking for a quick coaching solution to the life that you have created, yet at times is veering off course a little. It happens. The Executive Top up program is only 4 sessions long and capitalises on the work you have already done with your coach and brings you back to focus and clarity about the direction and purpose you wish your life to take. It’s quick, effective and designed for you – our already trusted client. Also consider the Executive LifePrint Program, should you wish to create a revised or new plan for the year.

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Executive or Life Blueprint

The 6 session Coaching Program designed, tested and applied with over 500 individuals in the last 20 years. Create the One Page Plan that focuses every area of your life and gives you the tools to be truly successful for living true to the best you.
It is not always work that defines people and with the Life BluePrint program the emphasis goes to where the work needs to be done, whether that be self-awareness, health, wealth/financial, relationships, family, friend and significant others, purposeful living or wherever the places for growth most call. Where is your life out of balance?
Perfect for those who wish to focus on ALL realms of life – not specifically work - to ensure the full awareness, balance and growth of the whole person.

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Coaching Mastery

Coaching Mastery

The full program for 6 months to create the best life personally and professionally for you and all that matters in the life you seek. This gold standard program runs over an approximately 6-month period, with coaching sessions held on a fortnightly basis for up to 2 hours at a time, as well as between session contact as needed. Each session is focused on the executive/leader’s mastery of all domains of their life, with a huge focus on real, sustainable and deep alignment and change.
Perfect for the Leader/Executive who is either transitioning to a higher role or wishing to evolve their organisation, business and life to the next level.

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